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Privacy Policy

AONA NSW works vigilantly to protect the privacy of all its members and website guests. This policy will clarify the use of any data collected by this website.

Data Collection

AONA NSW does not collect personal information, except from customers who choose to join our membership program. Our payment processor, PayPal, requires your name, address, and contact information to complete a transaction.

Server-side analytics containing non-identifiable information, such as IP address, country, browser, operating system and the resources you accessed while browsing our website are collected by AONA NSW. This information is not accessible or distributed to the public, and is used exclusively to monitor usage patterns and look for errors.

Contact Information

If you provide us with your email address (through our contact form or membership service), we will not send you spam or promotional material. Your contact information will not be disclosed to third-parties.


Like many web sites, AONA NSW uses cookies to enhance your user experience. If you register an account and use the “remember me” option when logging in a cookie will be stored on your computer to preserve your settings.

Third-Party Services

AONA NSW utilizes the Google Analytics web service to monitor usage patterns of this website. As a result, when you browse this website, some identifiable information will be shared with Google to aggregate statistics. We encourage you to read the Google privacy policy to familiarize yourself with how Google can use this information.

CloudFlare Inc provides AONA NSW with security and optimization services. CloudFlare may store information about your browsing behavior to identify potential threat-actors.