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AONA NSW was formed by a group of orthopaedic nurses after work with the aim of forming a venue for nurses to exchange education and sharing of sharing of information. The Australian Orthopaedic Nurses Association (AONA) NSW has a long history of networking, education and quality improvement in orthopaedic nursing in NSW. In 2023, AONA NSW has welcomed a whole new committee and with that comes a new website, membership platform, and new educational opportunities and resources.

The association operates with the objective of:

  • Providing education and educational resources to nurses working in the field of orthopaedics.
  • Promoting interest in the field of orthopaedic nursing.
  • Identifying and acting on issues of concern to Orthopaedic nurses.

These objectives are met by the association in the following ways

  • Bi-monthly committee meetings to discuss current matters of interest and concern.
  • Regular virtual and in-person education sessions
  • Contact with the committee regarding available courses and conferences.
  • Newsletters.
  • Provision of scholarships for educational purposes.
  • Affiliation with ANZONA (Australian New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Alliance).